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Abby’s 100 Baby Challenge Rules

So, I was looking on the forums the other day for some challenges when I stumbled upon this one. It seems a little time consuming, but interesting nonetheless, so I decided to give it a try.

The mother for my 100 baby challenge is going to be Abby Sciuto (yes, for those of you who watch as much TV as I do, she is based on the character from NCIS) and I am using the basic rules as found on Peaceluverr’s blog at: and Harmonysim’s blog at:, with a little bit of tweaking for myself.

The rules I used are as follows:

  • Each child/set of children is to be sired by a different father.
  • Age children up with birthday cakes. Each child is required to have at least 3 days in each age group (Baby, Toddler, Child, Teen) before becoming a Young Adult.
  • Children have to move out of the house when they become Young Adults.
  • Each Toddler must learn to walk/talk and be potty trained. (Teens can help with this)
  • Teens do not have jobs.
  • Traits are randomized, even if you get to choose them.
  • Play however you usually do (cheats are okay) that includes the lifespan you decide to use. Epic is the easiest because it is the longest and you’re going to need at the very least 300 days in her life. Keep in mind that women can only have children as Young Adults and Adults. Elder females cannot have babies.

Any suggestions for baby names would be greatly appreciated (I’m gonna go with an alphabetical approach, seeing as the mother’s name starts with ‘A’. The first baby will start with ‘B’) , as well as names/personalities for fathers (links to sims exchange downloadable fathers are accepted) Hope you guys enjoy reading it! I will try to keep it updated as regularly as possible!